do you know everything about marketing?

It's impossible to stay current on the new innovations in marketing and growth hacking. There's simply too much to know and anyone who tells you otherwise is either incompetent or trying to sell you something. However, you're not reaching your true potential with your online business unless you do know everything about marketing. So how can you solve this?

By plugging into GeniusPower. Creative machine intelligence that learns all about your unique business then tells you exactly how to improve it. You don't even have to know which areas you need help with, GeniusPower figures it all out and is there to help you make the most of your online business. Signup for a free account and let it go to work for you.

The Best Marketing Decision You'll Ever Make

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100% Compatible

Works for all websites & blogs, custom coded or based on platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, SquareSpace, Vanilla, Ghost, & more!

Setup = 1 Line of Code

Setup is a breeze, install one line of code on your website and you're good to go. We do all the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes.

Cloud Intelligence

Cloud based machine intelligence analyzes millions of data-points about your unique website to identify exactly what you need to grow.

Grow Your Business

Start growing your blog or online business faster with world class marketing guaranteed to produce great results!

Complete marketing coverage

Covering All Aspects of Your Internet Marketing

Website Design Elements

Website designs, menus, layouts, widgets, colors, and more.

New Distribution Channels

Discover the channels that are right for your business.

Headlines & Copy

Content including headlines, titles, copy, calls to action, and more.

Marketing Service Advice

Learn which services really help you and when it's time to change or cancel.

Social Media Marketing

Find opportunities across all of the new social media channels.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your site the smart way, without snake oil.

PR Opportunities

Identify and act on powerful PR opportunities.

Images and Photos

Find images and photos that convert more users and customers.

Change anything and everything on your website as often as you'd like, GeniusPower will re-learn, adapt, and keep finding opportunities for you. It constantly evolves and gets better over time, with you every step of the way as you build your online business. 

That's right, all it takes is a single line of code. Add it to your website and you're ready to go.

Have a question about the service? Call or email us and we'll be happy to help you! And yes, we still have humans answering the phone... for now.

Whether you're just getting started with a blog or you're a hyper-growth enterprise company GeniusPower has got you covered. This service is for everyone of all skill levels.

We're giving away lots of extras for all early adopter users that sign up for the GeniusPower service. What are these "extras"? Sign up and find out!

Big Data + best practices + Creativity

Blending Big Data, Best Practices, and Creativity to Grow Your Online Business

Sophisticated Marketing Intelligence

Big Data:
GeniusPower systems comb the web 24-7-365, building
the worlds largest database of marketing data-points.

Best Practices:
GeniusPower systems keep track of the endless array of
constantly evolving best practices across many industries.

GeniusPower systems are as creative as the best marketers
without the quirky personalities that usually come with them.


88% of websites don't aren't optimized for conversions

72% of websites haven't optimized headlines and copy

90% of businesses aren't utilizing new distribution channels

77% of businesses don't use social media effectively

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Sign up for an account and place 1 single line of code on your website. It really is that easy. Viola, now you've got sophisticated marketing intelligence on your side.

GeniusPower goes to Work

The GeniusPower systems start learning about your website and business. Then it references our databases and best practices to discover your biggest opportunities.

Discoveries are Made

New opportunities in conversion optimization, headlines, copy, calls-to-action, seo, social media marketing, UI/UX, SaaS tools, and distribution channels are found.

Your Website Grows

You make the changes to your website and watch as your traffic, user base, and revenues begin to grow. The longer you use GeniusPower the more growth you can expect.

Just Say no to marketing overload!

Stop Hunting through all those Webinars, Forums, eBooks, & Podcasts


How Much Time Will You Save?

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Our marketing advisor said this was going to put him out of work.

GeniusPower has already improved sales by 5 figures this year.

This service makes me look like a marketing genius! I love it.

Alan H.

I never write testimonials, until now. This has been super helpful.


I just hope that my main competitor doesn't find out about you!

Anonymous (anonymous)

This is beyond words, thank you for helping with my business.

Anna Riley (

Marketers Lie Numbers Don't

GeniusPower is Putting Numbers on the Board

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Million Data Points
Opportunities Addressed
Human Hours Saved

How we spend our hours
is how we spend our lives

Keeping up with all the marketing trends and innovations is impossible. It turns you into a slave spending weeks, months, and years hunting endlessly for the "next great trick". It's time you put an end to all that. It's time to focus and spend time on the things that really matter.


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